Career FAQs

Here you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the recruitment and selection process at McCormick and Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants.

I.   Searching for Restaurant Career Opportunities
II.  Applying for McCormick and Schmick’s
III. The Recruiting Process
IV. Transfers and Promotions

I. Searching for Restaurant Career Opportunities

Question:  I have experience as a Server.  How do I find out if there are any Server openings in my area?
Answer:  All of our restaurants are responsible for hiring their non-management positions.  Putting the responsibility at the local level helps ensure that we are hiring from the community and encourages a more personal interaction for candidates.  Ads are often placed in local newspapers and online through websites such as Craigslist.  We encourage you to stop by any of our locations in person Monday through Friday between the hours of 2:00pm and 4:00pm to fill out an application. 

Question: Do you have both part-time and full-time positions available in your restaurants?
Answer: Yes, McCormick and Schmick’s often has a number of part-time and full-time employment opportunities available. 

Question:  I recently found an ad from several weeks ago online advertising for a position that I am interested in.  How can I be sure that the position that I found online has not already been filled?
Answer: Every effort will be made to remove advertisements for positions that have been "filled".  In the event that a position is no longer available, we will contact you if your skills match positions for which we may have an opening.

Question:  My background is in Accounting and I hear that McCormick & Schmick’s is a great company to work for.  How do I find out if there are positions available in your Home Office?
Answer: We offer a wide variety of career opportunities at our Home Office located in Houston, Texas.  Positions vary from Information Technology and Accounting/Finance to Marketing, Development and Human Resources.  View our current Home Office employment opportunities and apply online.

Questions: Are there opportunities available that are not listed on this Web site?
Answer: Most of our positions are listed on our career site.  Because McCormick and Schmick’s has a strong promote-from-within philosophy there will be times when positions are filled with internal candidates prior to being advertised to the public.

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II. Applying for McCormick and Schmick’s

Question: I submitted my resume a couple of days ago.  How long will it take before I can expect a call to schedule an interview?
Answer:  The length of time to review all applicants depends on the position.  You can be assured that we will contact you if you meet the qualifications of the position.

Question: I applied for a management position more than two (2) weeks ago, yet I haven’t heard anything.  Can someone give me a call just to let me know that my resume was received?
  Unfortunately, due to the high volume of resumes received for each position advertised, it is not always possible to reply to each applicant.  If you possess the qualifications that we are seeking, we will contact you, or keep your resume on file for future consideration.

Question: I received a call to set up an interview for a different position than I had originally applied for.  Is this a normal procedure?
   Since McCormick and Schmick’s strives for building a team with the "best of the best” in the industry -  depending on your qualifications, you may get a call from us for a different position from what you had originally applied.

Question:  I am interested in a non-management position with McCormick and Schmick’s. Can I view each restaurant’s current non-management opportunities on one site?
Answer:  Currently, we only post non-management opportunities for new restaurants on our career page.  However, each of our restaurants accepts applications Monday through Friday between the hours of 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

Question: What should I wear to my interview?
For the interview, business professional is appropriate.

Question: May I apply for a multiple positions?
Yes, you may.  We will review your qualifications for the opportunities that you apply for, as well as any other positions that may be suitable.

Question: How do I apply to work at a new restaurant that has not opened yet?
  The Non-Management Opportunities page on our careers site allows you to see these opportunities with details on how to apply.

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III. The Recruiting Process

Question:  I went to a career fair and met with a McCormick and Schmick’s representative, but nobody has called me.  What do I do now?
  If your qualifications match an available position, we will call you to schedule interviews with the appropriate hiring team.  In addition, your application/resume will be active for 30 days for future opportunities and on file for a minimum of one (1) year.

Question: I applied in person for a Line Cook position and left my application with the Host.  What happens now?
  If your qualifications match our needs, selected non-management candidates will be contacted to schedule a first-interview, which would take place in person or over the phone.

If the first interview is successful, candidates will have a second interview.  Successful candidates will be identified and offered the appropriate position based on their current skills set.

Question: I am an Executive Chef and received a call regarding my resume.  What are the steps of the interview process?
For all management positions, both Front of the House and Culinary, McCormick and Schmick’s uses a tiered interview process to ensure that the candidate with the best skills is brought on board. 

The interview process includes:

- Phone interview with our Recruitment Coordinator
- Second interview with a Senior member of our management team
- Third interview with our Operations team at the restaurant
- Online behavioral assessment and background check
- Final interview with one of our Regional Human Resources Managers

**Culinary candidates will also be asked to perform a skills related assessment preparing selected dishes.

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IV. Transfers and Promotions

Question: Are there opportunities for career advancement within McCormick and Schmick’s? Does the company believe in promoting from within?
Absolutely.  For employees who meet the Company’s performance expectations there are many possibilities for growth.  McCormick and Schmick’s believes in contributing to the personal and professional growth of our employees.  This includes supporting opportunities within and between our restaurant operations or home office.  In fact, we work to promote internal opportunities to current McCormick and Schmick’s employees before extending an offer to any outside candidate.

Question: I already work for McCormick and Schmick’s. How do I apply for a specific opportunity?
  Internal candidates submit interest for a specific opportunity through our Internal Opportunities program.  Talk to a member of your management team for more details.

Question: What types of opportunities do you offer for career advancement?
  We have many promotion opportunities in our restaurant as well as in our Home Office.  You create your own career path and your success depends on you.

Question: I am a former McCormick and Schmick’s employee.  How do I reapply?
  Thank you for your interest in returning to work for our company.  For a position at a specific restaurant, you may apply directly at the restaurant Monday through Friday between 2:00pm – 4:00pm.  If it is a Management or Home Office position that you are interested in, please submit your resume online for further consideration.

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