Our People

At McCormick & Schmick’s, we not only encourage, but we empower our employees to set their sights high and create their own career paths.  We are a company where your future success and growth are truly the result of your own efforts and achievements.  We strongly believe in promoting from within, as this offers our employees a unique opportunity to learn our business from the ground up. 

We invite you to read on to see what some of our current employees have to say about their experiences working with McCormick & Schmick’s. 

James JacksonJAMES JACKSON, Portland, Oregon
Current Position:  BARTENDER
SINCE JULY 16, 2004

What would you say to a friend when recommending them to McCormick and Schmick’s?
“By far we have the highest quality of food, the highest quality of drinks, and the best service in town.  It’s a great experience every time you walk in the door.” 





Alison CrudenALISON CRUDEN, Portland, Oregon 
Current Position:  GENERAL MANAGER
SINCE JULY 27, 1999

Give an example of how teamwork has contributed to the success of your restaurant?
“There is no dividing line between the front and back of the house here – we all work together.  My personal belief is that teamwork is the baseline for a successful place and by teaching everybody everything that you can makes the team stronger as a whole.”                



Godfrey De La RosaGODFREY DE LA ROSA, Baltimore, Maryland
Current Position:  GENERAL MANAGER
SINCE JULY 12, 2004

Has it always been your ambition to work in the restaurant industry? What special training, if any, did you have before starting to work in the industry?
“It was always my ambition to work in the Restaurant/Hospitality industry.  I went to college and earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and completed an internship at the Vista International Hotel with Chef Uwe Teoder from Germany.”



Michelle JudsonMICHELLE JUDSON, Portland, Oregon
Current Position:  SERVER
SINCE JUNE 15, 1996

How does McCormick and Schmick’s encourage continued growth and advancement in the company? 
“It’s grown but it still keeps those core values where you can grow with the Company – whether it’s just a lateral move or grow into a supervisor or management position.  I’ve been offered that in the past and I take that as a huge compliment.”